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PHP wrapper classes for TMDB (TheMovieDatabase) API v3.

1.0.x-dev 2013-05-13 16:38 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-20 09:42:27 UTC


PHP wrapper classes for TMDB (TheMovieDatabase) API v3.

Thanks to:
Calibrate (


  • PHP 5.3+
  • Curl
  • TMDB Api-key

Basic usage:


$db = TMDB\Client::getInstance('<your api-key>');
$db->adult = true;  // return adult content
$db->paged = false; // merges all paged results into a single result automatically

$title = 'The Matrix';
$year = '1999';

$results = $db->search('movie', array('query'=>$title, 'year'=>$year));

$movie = reset($results);
$images = $movie->posters('300');

TMDB\Client contains the API wrapper for querying TMDB. Results are transformed into the helper objects automatically.
For example searching for 'movie' will result in a array of Movie objects.

More info will come soon.


Several objects are defined for the 'assets' TMDB uses. These include:

  • Movie
  • Person
  • Company
  • Collection
  • Genre

You can create a new asset and have it filled in with information automatically by passing in the id in the constructor.

For example:

$movie = new Movie(10);

Will load a movie object with the info for a movie with tmdb id 10;