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AlfrescoDoc is a Joomla module to display document from Alfresco server powered by Alfesco PHP CMIS CLIENT.


  • Easy to display document and folder metadata from Alfresco server.
  • Using Alfresco CMIS API
  • It's possible to control which metadata to display.

AlfrescoDoc requires

Partial compatibility (browsing and retrieving objects and aspects is OK) with old Alfresco (under development) (url like http://alfresco:8080/alfresco/service/api/cmis)


It can be installed from Composer or source cord download.

Installation using Composer

Please open a command prompt and carry out the next command.

$ cd <parent-of-an-install-directory>
$ composer create-project alfrescodoc-joomla <an-install-directory>

Source code is downloaded and installed.

A Download ZIP button of our repository of GitHub is pressed and source cord is downloaded.

And ZIP is developed in an optional directory of a local machine.


Alfrescodoc-joomla Configuration


Copyright 2016 Majestic Computer Technology

AlfrescoDoc is open-sourced software licensed under the Apache License v2.0

Alfresco PHP CMIS CLIENT is open-sourced software licensed under the Apache License v2.0