Generate a string of HTML attributes.

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Last update: 2020-10-09 00:49:42 UTC


(PHP 5 >= 5.4)
html_build_attributes — Generate a string of HTML attributes.


string html_build_attributes( array $attr [, callable $callback = null ] )

Generate a string of HTML attributes from the associative array provided.


  • attr — Associative array, or object containing properties, representing attribute names and values.
    If attr is an object, then only public properties will be incorporated into the result.
    If a value is an array, its values will be concatenated and delimited with a space.
    Values that cannot be converted into strings will be ignored. If the value is Stringable, Arrayble, or a Closure, attempts will be made to parse as a string.
  • callback — Callback function for escaping the values for the HTML attributes.
    If no sanitizer is provided, htmlspecialchars() is used;
    If using WordPress, the esc_attr() function is used.

Return Values

Returns a string of HTML attributes.


With Composer

$ composer require mcaskill/php-html-build-attributes

Without Composer

Why are you not using composer? Download Function.HTML-Build-Attributes.php from the gist and save the file into your project path somewhere.