A tiny PHP lib which provides nice functions & wrappers to interact with Japanese language.

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JpnForPhp is a library for PHP that provides support and many helpers to play with Japanese language (DEMO).

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The JpnForPhp toolbox provides over 30 functions build around various components that support both basic actions: split, extract, etc. as well as more specialized and powerful features: transliteration, inflection, conversion, and so one.

The recommended way to install JpnForPhp is through Composer. Just create a composer.json file and run the php composer.phar install command to install it:

    "require": {
        "mbilbille/jpnforphp": "~0.6"




JpnForPhp supports all mainstream romanization systems:

Starting from the version 0.5, all the transliteration workflow is defined in .yaml file.


More units should complement the Converter component in future release


JpnForPhp supports many verbal form.
List of all verbal forms


See and test each features on this demo website. This website is maintained by @Akeru.


To run the test suite, you need Composer:

    $ php composer.phar install
    $ ./vendor/bin/phpunit

Want to help?

Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Excellent! Read up on our guidelines for contributing and then check out one of our issues.

List of all contributors


Check out the develop branch to get all the latest code and change (http://github.com/mbilbille/jpnforphp/tree/develop)


JpnForPhp was created by Matthieu Bilbille and released under the MIT License.


  • JPNlizer integrates JpnForPhp into Drupal - sandbox project [Deprecated]
  • JpnForPhpBundle: integrates JpnForPhp as a Symfony2 Bundle - JpnForPhpBundle (by @albertofem)