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Irebe Library brought you easy cropping image tool for user profile picture, cover image, etc... that can be integrated into Codeigniter project.

NOTE: Kropify cannot be integrated into CodeIgniter framework only. It has another php version that can be integrated into Laravel Framework and Core PHP projects.


What is a Kropify?

A Kropify is a tool that can be integrated into CodeIgniter framework projects for the purpose of giving users easy way to crop their profile pictures and cover images. It uses JQuery 3.x library in it's functionality as dependency. That's why it is important to include JQuery library on current view file.



This package can be installed through composer require. Before install this, make sure that your are working with PHP >= 7.2 in your system. Just run the following command in your cmd or terminal:

  1. Install the package via Composer:

     composer require mberecall/kropify-codeigniter
  2. After Kropify package installed, you need to publish its css and js minified files in CodeIgniter public folder by running the following command in terminal:

     php spark publish:kropify-assets

Updating Package

When new Kropify version released and try to update the current package to the latest version, you will need to use composer update command:

 composer update mberecall/kropify-codeigniter

After Kropify package updated, you need also to update its assets (css and js minified files) by running the following command in terminal:

 php spark publish:kropify-assets


This package uses css and js minified files, that is why you first need to include this package assets on your view php file. Call the following helper function inside <head> tag of your blade file to including Kropify css file on page.

 <title>Page title</title>
  <?= kropifyStyles() ?> 

For Kropify Js file, you need to call the following helper function inside <body> tag but before closing </body> tag after including JQuery as shown in below example.

   <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.7.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
   <?= kropifyScripts() ?>

Package initialization

Suppose that you have an input file on your form for user profile picture:

 <!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge">
    <title>Page Title</title>
    <?= kropifyStyles ?>  
      *{ box-sizing: border-box; padding: 0; margin: 0;}
       body{ font-family: serif;  width: 100%; height: 100%; }
       .box{ display: flex;justify-content: center;align-items: center;flex-direction: column; margin-top: 20px; }
        .previewElement{ display: block;width: 120px;height: 120px;background: #ddd; }
  <div class="box">
    <h4>Kropify for Laravel</h4>
    <div class="previewElement"></div>
      <div class="file-box">
        <label>User profile</label>
        <input type="file" id="avatar" name="avatar">
   <script src="/jquery-3.0.0.min.js"></script>
   <?= kropifyScripts() ?>


$routes->post('/crop', 'TestController::cropImage',['as'=>'crop']);

When you want to initiate Kropify on that particular input file, you will use the following scripts.

        cropButtonText:'Crop & update',
        processUrl:'<?= route_to("crop") ?>',
        maxSize:2097152, //2M
        animationClass:'headShake', //headShake, bounceIn, pulse
        errors:function(error, text){


Option Default Description
viewMode 1 You can set this value to (1,2 or 3). But you can not add this option if you are happy with the default value which is 1.
aspectRatio 1 You can add your custom cropped image ratio. You can use fractional numbers and float numbers. eg: 16/4, 10/32, 0.25, 2.25, etc... Default value is 1.
preview required This option is very required option. This is where you define the output element to preview the cropped image. Here, you must use jquery selector to select id="" or class="" of the element. We recommended to use <span> or <div> tags.
cancelButtonText Cancel You can change this button text with your need and according to your language.
resetButtonText Reset You can change this button text with your need and according to your language.
cropButtonText Crop You can change this button text with your need and according to your language.
maxSize 2097152 By default, this value set to the maximum size of 2MB .But, you can set your own maximum size of selected image.
processUrl - This option is very required. You must define your url of croping selected image. eg: processUrl : "/crop" or processUrl : ""
showLoader true If you want to display loading element when user croping the selected image, you can set this option to true. But if you do not want that loading element appears on page, set this option to false.
animationClass pulse If you want to animate cropping area, you may use this option by choosing one of three animation classes allowed pulse,headShake,fadeIn and pulse. By default, this value set to pulse class.

Errors callback

This callback has two arguments, error and text

 errors:function(error, text){
Parameter Description
error This prameter will return two types of errors invalidFileType and bigFileSize. You can make a if condition according to the returned error type.
text You can alert this value eg: alert(text);. If you are using Toastr.js plugin, You may use toastr.error(text)' function to display error alert.

In controller

To include Kropify class in controller is very simple. Just import the following lines on your controller.

 use Mberecall\CodeIgniter\Library\Kropify;

To upload the cropped image you will use the following lines inside method:

$request = \Config\Services::request();

 // Define path of image destination
 $path = 'images/users/';

//if you did not define name attribute on input file tag, the default name attribute value is "image". eg: $file = $request->file('image');
 $file = $request->file('avatar'); 

//Upload cropped image examples
 $upload = Kropify::getFile($file)->save($path); //This will give us random image name "5678cKs374hxdu5438vhsk83.png"
 $upload = Kropify::getFile($file,'avatar')->save($path); //This will geive us image name "avatar.png"
 $upload = Kropify::getFile($file,'avatar.jpg')->save($path); //This will geive us image name "avatar.jpg"
 $upload = Kropify::getFile($file,'avatar.dng')->save($path); //When you make a mistake on extension. This will give us image name "avatar.dng.png"
 $upload = Kropify::getFile($file,'avatar.png')->maxWoH(411)->save($path); //This will resize cropped image width or height to `411`

 //Return json
 $this->response->setJSON(['status'=>"OK",'message'=>'Your profile picture has been.']);

 echo json_encode(['status'=>"OK",'message'=>'Your profile picture has been.']);

The above lines will upload the cropped image in the specified path. The cropped image will be uploaded in CodeIgniter public folder Very important function on the chain is maxWoH(). This function will limit maximum dimensions (Width or Height) in px value of the uploaded image. If you do not need to compress and resize the cropped image, just do not add maxWoH() to the Kropify upload function chain.

Get Cropped/Uploaded image details

When cropped image uploaded successfully, you can get the uploaded image information like name, size, width and height. You can use these details when you need to store them into database. Below are examples of getting uploaded image details:

$request = \Config\Services::request();
$path = 'images/users/';
$file = $request->file('avatar');
$upload = Kropify::getFile($file,'avatar.png')->maxWoH(710)->save($path);

//Get All details
$infos = Kropify::getInfo(); //option 1 
$infos = $upload->getInfo(); //option 2 

//According to the above options, you can get individual image info as follow:
$image_name = $infos->getName; // IMG_XH56.jpg
$image_size = $infos->getSize; // 13094
$image_width = $infos->getWidth; // 710
$image_height = $infos->getHeight; // 710

//You can also get individual image name, size, width and height after image uploaded without first getting all info as follow:

$image_name = $upload->getName(); //option 1
$image_name = Kropify::getName(); //option 2

$image_size = $upload->getSize(); //option 1
$image_size = Kropify::getSize(); //option 2

$image_width = $upload->getWidth(); //option 1
$image_width = Kropify::getWidth(); //option 2

$image_height = $upload->getHeigth(); //option 1
$image_height = Kropify::getHeigth(); //option 2

 * According to the above guidance, use the following examples 
 * to save cropped image data into database.

 $student = new Student();
   'name'=>'John Doe',
   'picture'=>$infos->getName, //IMG_USER_982.jpg

 //Return json data
 return $this->response->setJSON([
         'message'=>'Your profile picture has been successfully updated.',

Not Supported

This package still in development, that is why you can not make two instances of this jquery plugin on single page.

Copyright and License

kropify-codeigniter was written by MB'DUSENGE Callixte (mberecall) and is released under the MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2024 - Irebe Library