ZF3 module v1.1 - Boost your FlashMessenger !

1.1 2016-10-23 17:59 UTC

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Last update: 2020-08-07 20:13:15 UTC


Version 1.1 Created by Matthias Büsing

/!\ This module is now a PR to Zend Framework 3 : https://github.com/zendframework/zf2/pull/3502. Give me your feedback !


ZF3 SuperMessenger module provide new features for plugin FlashMessenger. Now, you can add directly 3 level of messages : success message, error message or info message.


• Usage in controller :


Just active the module and the FlashMessenger will have features without BC ! You can use SuperMessenger by the identifier "FlashMessenger" with the alias. You could use the identifier "SuperMessenger" to pilot the plugin.

• Usage in view :

And to be complete, there is a view helper. Usage in a view to get list of messages :

    $infoMessages = $this->flashMessenger('info');

You can directly have a render of the messages :

    echo $this->flashMessenger()->render('info');

By default, the format is :

<ul class="info">
    <li>first message</li>
    <li>second message</li>

You can change the format, like this :

    echo $this->flashMessenger()

Format could be changed in supermessenger.local.php which will be moved in "/config/autoload" :

'view_helper' => array(
    'supermessenger' => array(
        'message_open_format' => '<div%s><ul><li>',
        'message_separator_string' => '</li><li>',
        'message_close_string' => '</li></ul></div>',

You can change easily the class CSS with :

    echo $this->flashMessenger()->render('info', array('foo-baz', 'foo-bar'));
<ul class="foo-baz foo-bar">
    <li>first message</li>
    <li>second message</li>