A simple Laravel Markdown Parser with an optional meta section in the .md file

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A simple Laravel 4 parser for markdown files with an optional meta-data section.


Laravel Markdown-Plus can be installed via composer by requiring the maxxscho/laravel-markdown-plus package in your project's composer.json.

    "require": {
        "maxxscho/laravel-markdown-plus": "~0"

Next add the service provider and the alias to app/config/app.

'providers' => [
    // ...

'aliases' => [
    // ..
    'MarkdownPlus' => 'Maxxscho\LaravelMarkdownPlus\Facade\LaravelMarkdownPlusFacade',


Markdown file example

The meta section should be in YAML style, seperated by a custom splitter, which can be set in the config as a regular expression, default 3 or more dashes in an own line. Example:

title: This is the title
subtitle: This is the subtitle
date: 5. September 2013
tags: [code, laravel]
# Content goes here

Lorem Ipsum ...

Usage in Laravel

$file = File::get('');

$document = MarkdownPlus::make($file);
$content = $document->getContent();
$title = $document->title(); // magic method

return View::make('your-view', compact('title', 'content'));

The meta data will be parsed with Symfony's Yaml Parser. After parsing the meta is an multidimensional array.
! Dates in the format YYYY-MM-DD will be parsed into a timestamp.

Available methods

$document->getContent() - returns the parsed Markdown (HTML-Content)

$document->getRawContent() - returns the raw content (pure Markdown)

$document->getMeta() - returns the whole meta data as an multidimensional array

$document->title() - this is a magic method. The name of the method returns its equivalent meta. For example $document->cool-meta() return the value of cool-meta: Cool Value


Laravel-Markdown-Plus comes with some basic configuration.
Publish the configuration to customize the options:

php artisan config:publish maxxscho/laravel-markdown-plus 

You'll find the config file in app/config/packages/maxxscho/laravel-markdown-plus

Available Config-Options

'use_meta' => true, - whether you wanna use meta data or not

'section_splitter' => '/\s+-{3,}\s+/', - the seciton splitter

'use_extra' => true, - do you wanna parse markdown with additional features

'markdown_parser_options' - options for the markdown parser itself. More infos


This is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Additional information

Inspired by an based on Dayle Rees Kurenai.

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