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1.0.2 2020-03-06 12:21 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-06 21:48:01 UTC


This plugin sets some additional environment variables by patching entry files like index.php. In environments where FCGI variables can not be set this plugin patches a list of defined PHP files to bootstrap with the proper putenv calls to lete the application "think" it's running in a certain environment.

"extra": {
  "application-context": {
    "paths": [
    "variables": {

Variables that should be set and thus included in the generated snippet can be configured in composer.json under extra. Files that should be patched can also be configured here.

A snippet like the one below is added to the top each file.

// Prefixed by MaxServ\ComposerApplicationContext\Plugin
if (function_exists('getenv') !== false && function_exists('putenv') !== false){
if ('%env(APPLICATION_CONTEXT)%' !== '' && stripos('%env(APPLICATION_CONTEXT)%', '%env(') === false) {

At runtime the variable (that is possibly replaced by another script) is evaluated before invoking getenv and putenv.