PHP Wrapper for MaxCDN Remote Web Services

2.0.3 2015-07-20 21:55 UTC



  • PHP 5.3 or above
  • PHP Curl Extension

Installation with Composer

Composer is the recommended way to utilize the MaxCDN RWS SDK PHP library. For more information on how to use Composer, see .

  1. Add "maxcdn/php-maxcdn" as a dependency in your composer.json project file.
    "require": {
        "maxcdn/php-maxcdn": "2.*"
  1. Download and install Composer (if not already installed).
curl -sS | php
  1. Install your package dependencies.
php composer.phar install -o

This will download the MaxCDN library and configure composer to use it. Composer will also build an autoloader for your use in the next step.

  1. Use Composer's autoloader.

Composer prepares an autoload file which autoloads the RWS library for you on demand. To use it, provide the following at the top of your PHP source files:

require_once '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

It is advised that you understand how to optimze Composer's usage in Production environments. For more information about Composer, visit

The libraries are located in the src/ directory. The classes are organized in a PSR-0 hierarchy. You can use any PSR-0 compliant autoloader for this library. Composer is the recommended method (see above).



$api = new MaxCDN("my_alias","consumer_key","consumer_secret");

// get account information
echo  $api->get('/account.json');

// delete a file from the cache
$params = array('file' => '/robots.txt');
echo $api->delete('/zones/pull.json/6055/cache', $params);



It has support for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE OAuth signed requests.