Empty project which can be used in a PHP and PHPUnit-oriented coding dojo

v0.1.0 2014-02-26 09:50 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-29 02:04:32 UTC



To install the project:

php composer.phar create-project matthiasnoback/php-coding-dojo [path] *

You will have an empty src/ directory and a phpunit.xml.dist that is configured to run all the PHPUnit tests names *Test.php in the directories src/*/Tests (and their subdirectories). When you use this configuration the Composer autoloader will be initialized automatically to make sure that every namespaced class inside src/ can be auto-loaded from within the test cases.

Configure PHPStorm to run the tests

  • Choose Run, Edit configurations... and remove any existing configuration.
  • Select Defaults - PHPUnit, put a check before Use alternative configuration file and select phpunit.xml.dist from this project.
  • Click the button to the right of this field. In the dialog that appears select Use custom loader and select the file vendor/autoload.php inside your project. This will make sure PHPStorm uses the bundled version of PHPUnit.

To validate your setup once you have installed this project, run the tests: right-click on the src/ directory and then select Run 'src'.

Run the unit tests

To run all tests in a testcase press Ctrl + Shift + F10 when the cursor is not inside a method. To run one test press Ctrl + Shift + F10 when the cursor is inside a method. To repeat the previous test run press Shift + F10.

Or you can run the tests from the command-line:

php vendor/bin/phpunit

When you first run the tests, PHPStorm might ask you to supply a PHP interpreter.

PHPUnit cheatsheet

You can use my PHPUnit cheatsheet as a quick reference for PHPUnit usage.