Event calendar for the Silverstripe CMS

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1.0.24 2018-01-29 22:29 UTC



This is an event calendar module for Silverstripe CMS, with the following features:

  • Calendar - A page type used to hold/present events and announcements.
  • Calendar event - A page type which represents an event, with one or more DateTimes (an instance of an event).
  • Recurring events - Calendar events can be set up reoccur automatically.
  • Calendar announcements - Entries in a calendar which don't have an event page associated.
  • ICS feeds - Add external ICS feeds to a calendar to display these events.
  • ICS output - Download an ics file for easy importing into calendar apps.
  • RSS feed - RSS feed of calendar events.
  • Calendar widget - Display a calendar view in a widget, so website users can select to view events by year/month/week/day periods.
  • Caching


Silverstripe CMS 4.4 or greater

Carbon ( version 1 - )

Configuration Options

Enable jQuery (that is, do not request a local copy)

    jquery_included: true

Caching options

    caching_enabled: true
    cache_future_years: 2

Set default time zone and language for ICS output

    timezone: America/New_York
    language: EN