Bundle providing Masked Input field for the eZ Platform EE Form Builder

v1.0.1 2019-12-30 14:58 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-31 00:22:51 UTC



Bundle provides masked field for the Form Builder in eZ Platform EE. Bundle is based on:


eZ Platform EE 2.5 LTS


1. Enable EzPublishLegacyBundle and EzSystemsEzPlatformXmlTextFieldTypeBundle

Edit app/AppKernel.php, and add

new MateuszBieniek\EzPlatformFormBuilderMaskedInputBundle\EzPlatformFormBuilderMaskedInputBundle(),

at the end of the $bundles array.

2. Install mateuszbieniek/ezplatform-form-builder-masked-input-field

composer require mateuszbieniek/ezplatform-form-builder-masked-input-field


You can define a mask for input using the following wildcards:

a - single letter (a-z) 9 - single digit (0-9) * - single letter or digit

Example phone number mask: 999-999-999

You can use any other character as a static part of your mask.

Example phone number mask with static country code: +48 999-999-999

You can escape wildcards with backslash.

Example phone number mask with a static country code (Germany): +4\9 999-999-999

You can place optional parts of mask in brackets [] they won't be displayed until typed on or "greedy" option checked.

When the masked input field is required, an additional mask validator is used that checks if provided value matches the required format.