Ability to add guide to pages for user orientation

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1.3.0 2022-06-09 19:48 UTC

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Page guide extension

Ability to add guide or assistant to pages for better user orientation or explaining functionality to user


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist matejch/yii2-page-guide "^1.0"

or add

"matejch/yii2-page-guide": "^1.0"

to the requirement section of your composer.json file.


1. First migrate table

It is necessary for saving rules on pages

./yii migrate --migrationPath=@vendor/matejch/yii2-page-guide/src/migrations

2. Add to modules in your web.php

'pageGuide' => [
    'class' => \matejch\pageGuide\PageGuide::class,

3. Add widget on pages you want to use page guide on

By default, it is rendered in place you put widget on

 <?= \matejch\pageGuide\widget\PageAssist::widget() ?>

If you want it to be positioned on right top side, use widget option 'btnPositionCss'

<?= \matejch\pageGuide\widget\PageAssist::widget(['btnPositionCss' => 'position: fixed;top: 100px;right: -2px;']) ?>

4. Additional intro options from intro.js library

If you want you can add intro.js option into widget with attribute introOptions

More options here intro.js

<?= \matejch\pageGuide\widget\PageAssist::widget(['introOptions' => ['showProgress' => true] ]) ?>

5. Optional

Widget now also supports intro.js callbacks

Available callbacks are oncomplete onexit onbeforeexit onchange onbeforechange onafterchange

<?= \matejch\pageGuide\widget\PageAssist::widget(['introCallbacks' => [
    'onchange' => new \yii\web\JsExpression("function (targetElement) { alert('next step'); }")]
]) ?>


Access index and form for creation of rules with


1. Create new set of rules

Insert url on your yii web page into first input

Press button go to page that opens url in new window

From this window drag and drop elements you want to use into previous window

You can also set it by hand, just add step number, element id and text

check image of page guide form

2. Add widget to the page you want to use it on

When you are in creator mode, every draggable element is highlighted with blue dashed border

By default, in creator mode all visible input elements on page are set as draggable, and if form is detected on page

also, all elements with form-group class are set.

With widget option 'selectors' (array), you can set multiple class names or ids or other valid css selectors

for picking draggable elements in creator mode.

<?= \matejch\pageGuide\widget\PageAssist::widget(['selectors' => ['.guide','#selectable_id']]) ?>

Here is example how it looks, when rules are set and user can display guide/assistant