v0.1 2013-11-26 23:49 UTC


This is a client for the API. It uses the Guzzle web service library. The client API is a custom web service client based on Guzzle\Service\Client.

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Use composer to install the library and all its dependencies:

composer require "marvelley/lastfm-api:1.0.*@dev" 

Basic Usage Example

Before you can use the library you have to request your API key on the API page.
Put that key in the following code and run the code from the command line:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Marvelley\Lastfm\Api\LastfmApiClient;

$l = LastfmApiClient::factory(array('api_key' => 'your_api_key'));
$ai = $l->getCommand('artist.getInfo', array(
	'artist' => 'Elvis Presley', 
	"format" => "json"
$result = $ai->execute();
echo "Similar artists:\n";
foreach($result['artist']['similar']['artist'] as $artist) {
	printf("  - %s\n", $artist['name']);

## Running integration tests

Before running the test suite you need to configure a specific environment variable with a valid API key. For example, from your terminal:

$ export LAST_FM_PHP_CLIENT_API_KEY=your_api_key

or add a similar entry to your bash/zsh/whatever config file.

You can then run the test suite via:

$ phpunit

from the root of the project directory (assuming you have PHPUnit installed and on the path).