A tool to style terminal output

0.1.3 2016-08-31 08:35 UTC


Inspired by Chalk this is a tool for PHP to style terminal output.


Through composer
Require chalk as a dependency: composer require martin-pettersson/chalk
Include the composer autoload file: require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'
Download/clone the repo
Chalk is PSR-4 compliant so any PSR-4 autoloader will do, just add the Chalk namespace "Chalk" and point it to the Chalk/src directory.


Quick Examples

You can copy this into a .php file and test it out.


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Chalk\Chalk;
use Chalk\Style;
use Chalk\Color;
use Chalk\BackgroundColor;

// use the style method to style the text
echo Chalk::style('This text is green', Color::GREEN) . PHP_EOL;

// convenience methods are available for colors (case insensitive)
echo Chalk::green('This text is also green') . PHP_EOL;
echo Chalk::Red('This text is red') . PHP_EOL;

// use a style object to compose styles
$style = new Style([Color::RED, BackgroundColor::GREEN, Style::UNDERLINED]);
echo Chalk::style('This text is red with green background', $style) . PHP_EOL;

// use the parse method for more advanced compositions
echo Chalk::parse('This text is {green}, {yellow}, {red}, {blue} and {something else}', [
]) . PHP_EOL;

// you can nest styles
// note that the text at the end of the string is still green even after the background styling is reset
echo Chalk::Green('This text has some ' . Chalk::style('nested', BackgroundColor::WHITE) . ' styling') . PHP_EOL;

Example output:



Chalk::style(string $string, mixed $style)
Style the string by passing in either a Color/BackgroundColor/Style or a composed style object.

Chalk::parse(string $string, array $styles)
For more advanced styling use the parse method to style specific parts of the string. Use "{}" tags to target part of the string and pass in an array of styles. The styles matches the index of the found tags.

Convenience methods
If you use Chalk::{COLOR}($string) with any available color (case insensitive) it will conveniently map to Chalk::style($string, {COLOR}), eg. Chalk::Red($string) === Chalk::style($string, Color::RED)

Available Styles


  • Color::NONE (default)
  • Color::BLACK
  • Color::RED
  • Color::GREEN
  • Color::YELLOW
  • Color::BLUE
  • Color::MAGENTA
  • Color::CYAN
  • Color::LIGHT_GRAY
  • Color::DARK_GRAY
  • Color::LIGHT_RED
  • Color::LIGHT_GREEN
  • Color::LIGHT_BLUE
  • Color::LIGHT_CYAN
  • Color::WHITE

Background Colors

  • BackgroundColor::NONE (default)
  • BackgroundColor::BLACK
  • BackgroundColor::RED
  • BackgroundColor::GREEN
  • BackgroundColor::YELLOW
  • BackgroundColor::BLUE
  • BackgroundColor::MAGENTA
  • BackgroundColor::CYAN
  • BackgroundColor::LIGHT_GRAY
  • BackgroundColor::DARK_GRAY
  • BackgroundColor::LIGHT_RED
  • BackgroundColor::LIGHT_GREEN
  • BackgroundColor::LIGHT_YELLOW
  • BackgroundColor::LIGHT_BLUE
  • BackgroundColor::LIGHT_MAGENTA
  • BackgroundColor::LIGHT_CYAN
  • BackgroundColor::WHITE


  • Style::BOLD
  • Style::DIM
  • Style::BLINK
  • Style::INVERTED
  • Style::HIDDEN