Extends GoogleSitemaps to allow for multilingual sitemaps according to Googles requirements. Supports translatable and silverstripe-languagePrefix. See:

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Note: This module is considered beta: working, but not thorougly tested. Comments/issues welcome!


Provide multilanguage support in GoogleSitemaps, including alternatives, for sites using the Translatable module. It follows the Google requiremnts explained here:

Sitemaps: rel="alternate" hreflang="x"


Copy to your Website root, using any name you want, then do a ?flush=1 to renew your YAML files and templates (If the proper template doesn't seem to be used, try a flush=1 on sitemap.xml as well).


by default the pages' Locale property ('en_US', 'nl_NL') will be used to generate the alternatives for each page in the sitemap. You can define some locales as generic for a given language, so that for instance en is presented to english spoken users, instead of en_US.

In your _config/translatablegooglesitemaps.yml:

Name: translatablegooglesitemaps
    en_US: en
    nl_NL: nl

Sitemap size

By default in GoogleSitemaps, the max number of pages in a single sitemap is set to 1000. Since the language alternatives for translated pages add substantially to the sitemap source, you might want to turn that down a bit for large sites:

In your GoogleSitemaps module, in _config/googlesitemaps.yml:

Name: googlesitemaps
  objects_per_sitemap: 1000


  • SilverStripe Framework 3.0+ and CMS 3.0+
  • SilverStripe Translatable module
  • Silverstripe GoogleSitemaps module

Note: works with the SilverStripe LanguagePrefix module


  • Martine Bloem (Martimiz)

Please report any bugs or issues you may find