A Laravel Nova field for generating a random string. This can be used for a Text field and for a Password field.

v2.0.0 2022-05-06 14:35 UTC


A Laravel Nova field for generating a random string


You can install the package in to a Laravel app that uses Nova via composer:

composer require marshmallow/nova-field-string-generator
use Marshmallow\NovaGenerateString\GenerateString;

and add in the fields

GenerateString::make(__('Random string'), 'random_string')
    ->creationRules('required', 'string', 'min:12')
    ->updateRules('nullable', 'string', 'min:12')
    //You can specifiy the password length here
    //exclude characters types from password (Symbols, Numbers. Uppercase, Lowercase, Similar), do not call method to include all types
    ->excludeRules(['Symbols', 'Lowercase', 'Similar']),

GeneratePassword::make(__('Password'), 'password'),

## License:
The MIT License (MIT). Please see [License File]( for more information.