Laravel package which allows defining a sequence of migrations for your vendor and workbench packages and running them with one command

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laravel-automigrate package allows you to define a sequence of migrations for your vendor and workbench packages and run them with one command.


Require the package with composer:

composer require marlek/laravel-automigrate

When the installation completes, open your app/config/app.php file and add this item to the array of providers:


Finally you can run artisan command in the root of you application and see automigrate in the list of artisan commands

php artisan


You need to define the list of migrations you want to run in the configuration of the package. To do this, you first need to publish the configuration:

php artisan config:publish marlek/laravel-automigrate

Then you need to open app/config/packages/marlek/laravel-automigrate/config.php file and pass packages array like this:

    return array(
        'packages' => array(
            array('package', 'marlek/some-package'),
            array('package', 'marlek/example-package'),
            array('bench', 'marlek/another-example'),
            array('path', 'path/to/migrations_folder'),

package key means that your package is in vendor directory (third-party package), bench key means it's a package in you workbench directory, and a path key means it's a directory containing your migrations.

Finally, the only thing left to do is run the command to migrate your database

php artisan automigrate

Reset previous migrations

If you want to reset previous migrations before running migrate again, just pass the reset option

php artisan automigrate --reset

Seed the database

Just like migrate command, this command accepts seed option, in case you want to seed your database after the migrations

php artisan automigrate --seed

Reset and seed can be combined into a command which will reset your migrations, run all migrations again and after that seed the database

php artisan automigrate --seed --reset

Regular migrate command will be run after all package migrations