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Last update: 2022-05-14 04:03:01 UTC


User management


  1. You must be sure that you have installed and included modules in your application.config.php befor TsvUsers:

    • DoctrineModule;
    • DoctrineORMModule;
    • ZfcBase;
    • ZfcUser;
    • BjyProfiler;
    • ZfcAdmin;
    • BjyAuthorize.
  2. Install module via composer like this: $ composer require marks12/tsv-users:dev-master

  3. Move and rename file ./vendor/marks12/tsv-users/config/tsvusers.local.php.dist to application autoload folder ./config/autoload

  4. Configure your database connection (./config/autoload/local.php - recomended)

  5. Insert into your database SQL dump from ./vendor/marks12/tsv-users/data/schema.sql

Tables of this module may differ from tables ZfcUser, therefore recommends store data from previously created tables module Zftsuser for later


If you have base config for ZfcUser module, you can authorize in http://domain.nameuser/login Then, if your user account have admin role, you can going to admin interface in ZfcAdmin module, for example http://domain.nameuser/admin and you will see new link in main menu like 'Пользователи'. Use this interfaces for user management.