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A PHP RabbitMQ library using php-amqplib

0.1.0 2014-07-23 03:37 UTC


A PHP RabbitMQ library using php-amqplib

##Basic Usage These examples use the default localhost RabbitMQ server created when you install it. For production use (and you're crazy if you're doing this), you should configure a markdunphy\Ears\Connection object to pass in as the first argument to the markdunphy\Ears\Ears constructor.

Below is a simple hello world demonstration. Run the consumer code in one terminal tab and the publisher in another to watch things happen.

#####Configuring a Consumer

use \markdunphy\Ears\Ears;

$consumer = ( new Ears )->getConsumer();

$consumer->consumeBasic( 'hello', function( $message ) {
  echo $message->body . "\n";
} );

#####Configuring a Publisher

use \markdunphy\Ears\Ears;

$ears = new Ears( null, 'hello' );

$publisher = $ears->getPublisher();

$publisher->sendBasic( 'Hello world' );