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Provides a Open Street Map - Nominatim geocoder with a Leaflet map widget for Geolocation fields.


  1. Download and install geolocation and leaflet modules.

  2. Download and extract the download to /libraries/leaflet-control-geocoder/

  3. Enable Geolocation Nominatim


Set any geolocation field to use the Geolocation Nominatim widget. In the widget settings, set up the default map view (lat/lon and zoom) for the widget.

The field widget is a map with a search bar. Use the search bar to search for a location. You can also click on the map set the location, or drag the marker around.

Experimental features

There's an experimental feature to populate an Address field with the result of the geocode search (and also the results of a reverse geocode search when clicking on the map). The feature can be enabled in the widget settings. It likely doesn't work for all scenarios and countries. It won't work with multiple or multi-value address fields or other widgets than the default address widget.