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MegaMerge: merge MegaMerge provides a fieldtype which is a Craft table with predefined Key and Value columns. It lets you merge together those fields with php arrays and twig arrays, and then look up values of keys in the merged array. The resultant values are parsed as twig.

This is a general purpose utility, though one of its potential uses (and the one for which I wrote it) is as a do-it-yourself seo system.


This plugin requires Craft CMS 4.0.0 or later.


  1. Install with Composer via composer require marionnewlevant/mega-merge from your project directory
  2. Install plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings > Plugins


  1. Install via the Plugin Store

MegaMerge Overview

MegaMerge provides a fieldtype (a key/value table) and three functions:

craft.megaMerge.init() is passed an array of key/value pairs (elements in this array can be megaMerge fields, php arrays, or twig arrays), and a context object. It adds the key/value pairs to a global collection of key/value pairs, and the context object to a global context object.

craft.megaMerge.reset() sets the global key/value pairs and the global context to empty.

craft.megaMerge.value(key) looks up the value associated with key in the key/value pairs, interprets it as twig using the global context, and retuns the parsed value. It returns null if there is no matching value.

Using MegaMerge

The key/value pairs A megaMerge field called globalSettings in the g_configuration global set:


Settings defined in config/custom.php:

'megaMerge' => [
    'title' => 'MySite page',

Calling init The globalSettings values will override the config.general.megaMerge ones:

{% do craft.megaMerge.init([,
  ], {object: entry}) %}

Calling value

<title>{{ craft.megaMerge.value('title') }}</title>

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