Field for multiple notes with automatic annotation

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Field for multiple notes with automatic annotation


This plugin requires Craft CMS 3.0.0-beta.23 or later.

Annotated Notes Overview

Annotated Notes is a varient of the Table fieldtype, where the table has two columns:

  • Note, a text field (handle: note)
  • Annotation a non-editable text field whose content is generated by twig (handle: annotation)

Configuring Annotated Notes

When you create an Annotated Notes field, you specify the twig code which will be parsed after the element is saved to generate the content for the annotations.

You can also (under Advanced) specify the user visible labels for the note and annotation columns (the handles are not changed).

Using Annotated Notes

An Annotated Notes field behaves like a Table field. It has two columns, Note and Annotation. When you save an Element with an Annotated Notes field, any rows which have a Note but no Annotation, will have the Annotation set to the value of the parsed twig. When you edit an Element with an Annotated Notes field, the Notes can be modified, but the Annotations are not editable.

On the front end, the field behaves like any other Table field. The handles for the columns are note and annotation.

Brought to you by Marion Newlevant Many thanks to André Elvan, whose Preparse Field was a major influence.