configure responsive image maps without java script even on IE8

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Define responsive ImageMaps and assign them to a ImageMap content element


you can define image maps with any number of rectangular areas with links and background-images. This extension uses html and css only. There is no JavaScript necessary, because it does not use ordinary or tags. It uses the same code, the standard contao image uses to display (responsive) images, but adds the links to the

block. The pixel coordinates you enter are being tranlated into percentages for the absolutely positioned area links. You may add your own :hover, :active styles for those areas.

First you create a new ImageMap in the backend and specify the base width and height of your underlying image as well as the default dimensions and backgrounds for the areas.

Then you add the areas with their title, position, image, link, linktext and description.

To add an image map to an article, you have to select the new media content element "ImageMap" and select the appropriate map in its properties.

customized places within contao:

new backend module "ImageMaps" new media content element "ImageMap"

visit: for more information