RRule field for Advanced Custom Fields

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v1.2.4 2021-12-24 16:01 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-24 17:04:06 UTC


Create recurring rules within a single ACF field and retrieve all the dates using the simshaun/recurr package.

ACF RRule Screenshot


<?php $rrule = get_field('rrule'); ?>

The RRule field returns an array with the following arguments:

rrule (string)
The RRule string for your recurring rule

start_date (string)
The start date for the recurrence

start_time (string)
The start time for the recurrence

frequency (string)
The frequency for the recurrence (DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY or YEARLY)

interval (int)
The interval set for the frequency

weekdays (array)
An array of days for the weekly frequency

monthdays (array)
An array of days for the monthly frequency

months (array)
An array of months for the yearly frequency

monthly_by (string)
The selected option between "monthdays" and "setpos" for the monthly frequency

bysetpos (array)
The starting numbers for the monthly "setpos" option

byweekday (array)
The selected days for the monthly "setpos" option

end_type (string)
The end of the recurrence between "date" and "count"

end_date (string)
The end date in YYYYMMDD format for the recurrence when end_type is set to "date"

occurence_count (int)
The number of occurences for the recurrence when end_type is set to "count"

dates_collection (array)
An array containing all the DateTime objects generated by your recurring rule

text (string)
A text representation for your recurring rule