This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Mapbender3 library

v3.3.1 2022-01-25 11:00 UTC


This repository is deprecated. Its functionality has been integrated into the mapbender core repository in version 3.3.0.

Old description: OWS Proxy

Can be used to relay requests and results form clients to servers that are otherwise not directly accessible to the client.


  • Proxy access is secured by checking a signature on the target URL (signing service provided by Mapbender)
  • Prohibits to communicate with not verified URL's
  • Allows to use server proxies
  • Uses a HTTP proxy to work in tightly secured environments
  • Logs proxy calls for billing


The configuration is done in app/config/config.yml at ows_proxy3_core section.



Proxy option allows to communicate services via custom proxy server. The option needs some own configurations:

  • host: Proxy server host name. If set to null, OwsProxy works without proxy.
  • port: Proxy server port number.
  • timeout: Give up if OwsProxy doesn't retrieve response from given proxy in number seconds. Default: 60 seconds.
  • connecttimeout: Give up if OwsProxy doesn't reach host in number seconds. Default: 30 seconds.
  • user: Proxy server user name. Default: null.
  • password: Proxy server password for proxy server. Default: null.
  • noproxy: Exclude hosts from connecting through proxy server. Default: null. Hostnames and IP's can be given as an YAML array.
  • checkssl: Checks SSL. Default: false

Configuration example

    logging: true               
    obfuscate_client_ip: true 
        connecttimeout: 30    
        timeout: 60           
        host: localhost            
        port: 8080                 
            - localhost           

Sequence diagram

Sequence diagram