Mapbender documentation

v3.2 2022-09-29 08:27 UTC


This is the Mapbender documentation repository.

You can find the compiled pages of the latest released version at Other versions of the documentation are also available at

The sources are on Github.

The website code is generated using Sphinx, therefore the documentation source is written in Restructured Text.

You can find instructions on how the documentation is structured in chapter How to write Mapbender Documentation? or directly in this Git-Repository.

To build the website locally, you need to install Sphinx. Install it in Debian-based distributions via

sudo apt-get install sphinx-common python3-sphinx
sudo apt-get install pip3
sudo pip3 install sphinxcontrib-phpdomain

You can then build the documentation by running:

$ make


cd /data
git clone
cd mapbender-documentation
git checkout master

ln -s /data/mapbender-documentation/_build/ /var/www/html/mb-doc

pip3 install sphinx-rtd-theme

rm -rf _build
sphinx-build . _build -A version=3.3


To participate in the documentation, create a fork and submit a pull request with your changes.

Have fun!