Mapbender digitizer element

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1.5.7 2023-01-20 15:20 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-28 10:19:57 UTC


Show and edit spatial database contents in a Mapbender application.

Designed for use in a sidepane.

Works with Postgis and Oracle spatial data via Mapbender Data Source layer. For database connection / table configuration, please refer to [the relevant Data Source doumentation](For database connection / table selection, please refer to the Data Source documentation.

Non-spatial related base functionality is equivalent to Mapbender data manager.

Digitizer does not support tables without geometry columns.

Additional schema configuration values

In addition to settings understood by Data Manager, Digitizer allows the following extra configuration settings in a schema:

name type description default
allowDigitize boolean Allow geometry creation and editing (attribute editing may still be allowed via allowEdit) true
toolset list of strings or null Offered geometry creation tools (see below) Auto-detect
searchType string or null Initial state of checkbox for limiting feature loading to current visible map portion. On if exactly "currentExtent". Off for all other values currentExtent
allowChangeVisibility boolean Offer buttons to toggle feature visibility true
displayPermanent boolean Keep features visible on map even after switching to a different schema false
displayOnInactive boolean Keep features visible on map even after deactivating Digitizer false
continueDrawingAfterSave boolean Keep drawing tool active after creating and saving a new feature (~fast batch mode feature creation) false
refreshLayersAfterFeatureSave list of strings and / or numbers Mapbender source instance ids (refer to "Layersets" tab in application backend) that will reload after any item is created, updated or deleted -none-

Configuring "toolset"

If toolset is null or not set, and the connected feature type declares its geomType, Digitizer will auto-select a compatible selection of tools to create feature geometries.

If neither toolset nor the geomType are defined, all supported tools are offered.

If auto-detection does not produce the desired set of tools, you may specify a list of tool names manually. Valid tool names are:

  • drawPoint for point creation
  • drawLine for line drawing
  • drawPolygon for polygon drawing
  • drawRectangle, drawCircle, drawEllipse for rectangles, circles and ellipses respectively
  • drawDonut for polygons with interior cutouts

If toolset is set as an empty list, none of these tools will be offered.

If allowDigitize is omitted or set to true, vertex modification and feature translation tools will also be offered.

If allowDigitize is set to false, the toolset setting will be ignored completely, and no drawing / translating / modifying of geometries will be available at all.