A simple useable module to quickly glue together ZfcUser, BjyAuthorize and Doctrine 2

dev-master 2015-05-05 17:30 UTC

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Last update: 2023-02-01 03:44:26 UTC


What is SamUser?

SamUser is a Module that acts like glue between ZfcUser, ZfcUserDoctrineORM and BjyAuthorize. Configuration for those three Modules - at least in my cases - are almost identical at all times. Since I am too lazy to copy paste stuff I created this Module.

What exactly does SamUser?

SamUser provides a very common Default-Configuration for the abovementioned Modules. It also provides the required Entities.

What's the use again?

Nothing but helping out lazy people ;) You may want to check out my blogpost where i describe in detail how and why this module has been created


Installation via composer is supported, simply add the following line to your composer.json

"require" : {
    "manuakasam/sam-user": "dev-master"

All that matters then is to load SamUser after ZfcUser and BjyAuthorize. An example application configuration could look like the following:

'modules' => array(
    'SamUser'             // Important to load after all ZfcUser, BjyAuthorize and their required modules!


This Module doesn't require any special configuration. All that's needed is to set up a Connection for Doctrine. For this you can use the distribuntionable located inside SamUser/config

If you need to modify any behavior of the glued Modules, then simply use the DEFAULT Configuration Options from ZfcUser or BjyAuthorize ;)


This Module heavily depends on the following Modules and makes no sense without them:

  • ZfcUser
  • DoctrineORMModule
  • ZfcUserDoctrineORM
  • BjyAuthorize