Adds a WordPress feed for MailChimp for better content control.

1.2.0 2014-12-19 05:09 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-10 18:18:25 UTC


Adds a WordPress feed for MailChimp for better content control.


Creates a MailChimp Specific WordPress Feed

The plugin will a new WordPress feed specifically for MailChimp, which should be used to send subscriber emails.

It's better to have a separate feed from the RSS feed, so you can have more granular control over the content, which might have different requirements than RSS.

The feed it creates is:

Automatic Image Adjustments

The plugin will automatically set the images in the MailChimp emails to have a max-width: 100%.

This fixes overflow issues with images in the email template.

Custom Hook for Additional Content Manipulation

The plugin adds a wp_mailchimp_feed_modify_dom hook where you can, within a theme or another plugin, do additional DOM / content modifications to the MailChimp feed.

A good example is if your content contains a JavaScript only button, like a button for printing the page. You can use this hook to remove that button from the MailChimp email since JavaScript execution is not allowed in email viewers.


It can be installed as a regular WordPress plugin or as a Composer dependency.