A Laravel Nova tiptap editor field.

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Laravel Nova Tiptap Editor Field

A Laravel Nova implementation of the tiptap editor for Vue.js by @ueberdosis.


Install via composer:

composer require manogi/nova-tiptap

Usage with default settings:


This will give you just the bold and italic buttons.

You will also have to add this use statement to the top of the file:

use Manogi\Tiptap\Tiptap;

Usage with your selection of buttons:

  ->headingLevels([2, 3, 4]),

When just passing the string 'heading' you will have H1, H2 and H3 to choose from. You can set the level of headings by using for example headingLevels([2, 3, 4]) which will give you H2 through H4.

The two different "code" buttons

'code' is inline code (like <code></code>) while 'code_block' will give you <pre><code></code></pre>.


the 'edit_html' option will enable the ability to toggle to the tiptap editor to a textarea and manually edit the HTML

Visibility in index view

Like Textarea and Trix fields this field is hidden from index views. You can make the content visible by using a computed field.


The tiptap editor with all the buttons:

the tiptap editor with all the buttons

The idea is that the editor can be themed together with the rest of Nova - here it is looking differently just by using the Laravel Nova Stripe Theme:

the tiptap editor with all the buttons


  • Add the option to upload or choose images and add them to to the content.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.