Custom Yii 2 application boilerplate

3.0.0 2021-03-31 17:42 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-04-29 07:30:27 UTC


Main features

  • .env configuration support with type casting
  • Docker support
  • Simple project structure with a more clean view
  • Webpack 4 based on Laravel mix, just run npm run dev
  • Code Generator for controllers, models, etc (like Laravel artisan) (php yii make for details)
  • Helper functions, extended components etc (like ActiveCollection)
  • RBAC configuration ready to scale
  • Deploy project to the remote host with one command dep deploy (see Deployer extension)

Extensions installed


For install project environment follow the instructions below

Composer install
composer create-project manchenkov/yii2-project new-app-name
Environment installation
  • Install project dependencies by composer install
  • Node.js dependencies npm install
  • Change .env settings for a database and necessary sections
  • Start your server - make up (run make command to see details)
  • Use app init command make app-init for apply migrations and seeders and make app-reset to reset
  • Check project available on http://localhost/

Webpack usage

Project contains preconfigured webpack (see webpack.mix.js). You can use following commands:

  • npm run dev to build application assets
  • npm run watch to start file-watcher
  • npm run prod to build application assets with optimization (images, styles, inline-svg etc)


This project contains 'Deployer' extension which provides simple functionality to automatic deploy Your application to the server. You only have to adjust the specific section in the .env file to start using it (for details about {{variables}} see Deployer docs). Variables description:

  • DEPLOY_REPOSITORY: Git repository project URL
  • DEPLOY_HOST: Remote host address to deploy
  • DEPLOY_USER: Remote connection user
  • DEPLOY_PATH: Base upload directory on the server, example: ~/www/{{hostname}}
  • DEPLOY_PUBLIC_PATH: Public directory contains web-accessible files, example: {{deploy_path}}/public_html

To deploy the last 'master' commit of the project use following command:

dep deploy (if installed globally) or vendor/bin/dep deploy (by Composer)


If you want to create a new application module, just simple run php yii make/module Name or php yii make/api Name if API-preconfigured module is necessary


Project contains preconfigured tests directory with necessary modules loading. To start all suites use a command vendor/bin/codecept run. Also, you have to create another database with _test suffix and apply necessary migrations by executing php yii_test migrate

Create new tests

You might use following commands to create new tests quickly:

  • Acceptance (web): vendor/bin/codecept g:cest acceptance {TEST_NAME}
  • Unit (logic): vendor/bin/codecept g:test unit {TEST_NAME}
  • Functional (http): vendor/bin/codecept g:cest functional {TEST_NAME}

Useful commands

Command Description
npm run dev Builds an assets bundle
npm run prod Builds an assets bundle in production mode (optimized)
vendor/bin/codecept build Builds necessary helper classes for the tests actors
vendor/bin/codecept run tests Starts tests for the whole app
supervisorctl stop all Stops all of the background workers
supervisorctl start all Starts all of the background workers