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A PHP SDK to interact with the Zilore API

1.0.1 2023-06-21 12:22 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-21 14:26:37 UTC


This is a simple SDK for Zilore DNS API. It is written in Python 8.2 and allows for interaction with the Domains, Records, GeoRecords FailoverRecords APIs from Zilore (

It was designed to be used with the Zilore DNS CLI, which allows you to declartively declare your DNS, GeoDNS and Failovers records in a YAML file and then sync them to Zilore DNS.


composer require mamluk/zilore-dns-sdk


use Zilore\Api\Domains
use Zilore\Api\Records;
use Zilore\Api\GeoRecords;
use Zilore\Api\FailoverRecords;

$domains = new Domains('YOUR_ZILORE_API_KEY')
$dommains->list(); // Returns a list of all the domains in Zilore
$domains->add(''); // Adds a new domain to Zilore
$domains->delete(''); // Deletes a domain from Zilore

$records = new Records('YOUR_ZILORE_API_KEY');
$records->list(''); // Returns a list of all the records for
$records->add('', 'A', '', '', 3600); // Adds a new record to

// ... and so on so forth


MIT. See LICENSE for more details.