This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A collection of helper functions for the Mako Framework

4.0.1 2022-02-17 08:53 UTC


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What is this?

A collection of convenient helper functions meant to be used in your views.

Function Description
app() Returns the application instance
config() Returns the mako\config\Config instance
container() Returns the mako\syringe\Container instance
cookie($name, $default = null) Returns the cookie value or null if the cookie doesn't exist
flash($key, $default = null)    Returns a flash value from the session
gatekeeper($adapterName = null)  Returns a gatekeeper adapter instance
humanizer() Returns the mako\utility\Humanizer instance
i18n() Returns the mako\i18n\I18n instance
one_time_token() Returns a random security token
pusher() Returns the mako\pusher\Pusher instance
request() Returns the mako\http\Request instance
session() Returns the mako\session\Session instance
signed_cookie($name, $default = null) Returns the cookie value or null if the cookie doesn't exist
token() Returns the session token
url() Returns the mako\http\routing\URLBuilder instance
user($adapterName = null) Returns the active user or null if there isn't one

The pusher function will only work if you have installed the mako/pusher package and it also requires you to use the included middleware.


Mako 8.0 or greater.


composer require mako/helpers