A simple cookie consent module for magento. It relies on new GTM consent functionality.

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This module is a wrapper for cookie-consent by 68publishers for easy cookie consent management withGoogle Tag Manager

  • ✅ Easy configuration
  • ✅ Five configurable storages standardized by Google
  • ✅ Possibility to trigger custom GTM event on the consent

Integration with GTM

This module leverage the new consent functionality of Google Tag Manager (see GTM Consent documentation for more information)

The consent functionality isn't enabled by default in GTM therefore you need to manually enable that feature in your Google Tag Manager dashboard. (see GTM documentation)


To install the Magento 2 GTM Cookie consent, simply run the command below:

composer require maisondunet/module-gtm-cookie-consent

To enable the module:

bin/magento module:enable Maisondunet_CookieConsent

Module configuration

Module configuration is located at :

Stores > Configuration > General > Cookie Consent

Global Options

Field Description
Enable Module Enable / Disable the module

Plugin Options

Field Description
Cookie Name Name of the cookie used to store user consent
Force user consent Block the UI until user action
Manage page script Managed inline script (see cookie-consent documentation

Auto Clear Option

Field Description
Enable Module Automatically clear cookie when the user remove it consent

Storage Options

Storages descritpions are described in GTM documentation

Field Description
Enable by Default This storage is enable by default
Display in widget This storage visible in setting popup
Read only Deny the user to change the default value

Advanced Options

This functionality allow the administrator to tigger custom GTM event on user consent.

ie :

Event Name Storages Operator Result
fb_pixel_event Ads, Analytics And GTM event "fb_pixel_event" is trigger when user give consent for Ads and Analytics storages