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A Laravel package for connecting to all Iraninan payment gateways

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This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-06-13 12:06:55 UTC


package's home :

by this package we are able to connect to all Iranian bank with one unique API.

( This Package is now compatible with both 4.* and 5.* versions of Laravel )

Please inform us once you've encountered bug or issue .

Available Banks:

  3. SAMAN
  7. PAYPAL (New)
  9. PAY.IR (New) (to use : new \Payir())


Run below statements on your terminal :

STEP 1 :

composer require mahdiidea/gateway

STEP 2 : Add provider and facade in config/app.php

'providers' => [
  MahdiIDea\Gateway\GatewayServiceProvider::class, // <-- add this line at the end of provider array

'aliases' => [
  'Gateway' => MahdiIDea\Gateway\Gateway::class, // <-- add this line at the end of aliases array

Step 3:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=MahdiIDea\Gateway\GatewayServiceProvider

Step 4:

php artisan migrate

Configuration file is placed in config/gateway.php , open it and enter your banks credential:

You can make connection to bank by several way (Facade , Service container):

try {
   $gateway = \Gateway::make(new \Mellat());

   // $gateway->setCallback(url('/path/to/callback/route')); You can also change the callback
        // setShipmentPrice(10) // optional - just for paypal
        // setProductName("My Product") // optional - just for paypal

   $refId =  $gateway->refId(); // شماره ارجاع بانک
   $transID = $gateway->transactionId(); // شماره تراکنش

  // در اینجا
  //  شماره تراکنش  بانک را با توجه به نوع ساختار دیتابیس تان 
  //  در جداول مورد نیاز و بسته به نیاز سیستم تان
  // ذخیره کنید .
   return $gateway->redirect();
} catch (\Exception $e) {
   	echo $e->getMessage();

you can call the gateway by these ways :

  1. Gateway::make(new Mellat());
  2. Gateway::mellat()
  3. app('gateway')->make(new Mellat());
  4. app('gateway')->mellat();

Instead of MELLAT you can enter other banks Name as we introduced above .

In price method you should enter the price in IRR (RIAL)

and in your callback :

try { 
   $gateway = \Gateway::verify();
   $trackingCode = $gateway->trackingCode();
   $refId = $gateway->refId();
   $cardNumber = $gateway->cardNumber();
    // تراکنش با موفقیت سمت بانک تایید گردید
    // در این مرحله عملیات خرید کاربر را تکمیل میکنیم

} catch (\MahdiIDea\Gateway\Exceptions\RetryException $e) {

    // تراکنش قبلا سمت بانک تاییده شده است و
    // کاربر احتمالا صفحه را مجددا رفرش کرده است
    // لذا تنها فاکتور خرید قبل را مجدد به کاربر نمایش میدهیم
    echo $e->getMessage() . "<br>";
} catch (\Exception $e) {
    // نمایش خطای بانک
    echo $e->getMessage();

If you are intrested to developing this package you can help us by these ways :

  1. Improving documents.
  2. Reporting issue or bugs.
  3. Collaboration in writing codes and other banks modules.

This package is extended from PoolPort but we've changed some functionality and improved it .