BewustBezorgd integration for Magento 2

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Bewust Bezorgd for Magento 2.x

Installation the Bewust Bezorgd module

To install the Installation the Bewust Bezorgd module, simply run the command below:

composer require magmodules/magento2-bewustbezorgd
bin/magento module:enable Thuiswinkel_BewustBezorgd
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Bewust Bezorgd

A must-have tool to calculate your own CO2 impact of last-mile delivery! Bewust Bezorgd (consciously delivered) is a generic calculation method for the CO2 impact of e-commerce logistics (based on real market data). The benefits of using the Bewust Bezorgd tool:

  • Insight into the CO2 impact of your own logistics operation

  • Insight into the CO2 impact of logistic innovations

  • Increasing consumer awareness, making you able to guide your customers

  • Rewarding sustainable initiatives

  • Improving the e-commerce sector’s image

Bewust Bezorgd helps you to gain knowledge about how to make fast and easy changes in order to become more sustainable. It directly measures the result of logistic innovations and informs your customers about the most sustainable delivery option.

The calculation method has been developed with TNO, Topsector Logistiek, Connekt and Its launching partners are, Coolblue, Wehkamp, Otto, PostNL, DHL, Dynalogic and

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