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With the advance of nowaday technology, you may be more familiar with e-gift cards than old-fashioned presents like flowers and notebooks or prehistory gifts as stones and bones. Giving gifts is a necessary part of our life that we don’t know when it first started. A gift is not only a thing but also a part of giver’s heart and the most beautiful expression of people’s inner emotions. No matter what, it is an expression of love, friendship, gratefulness or pity, presents deliver well all the meanings from givers to receivers.

Magento 2 Gift Card - The History of Gifts

Prehistory Gifts

Researching about long tradition of gifting, it’s really interesting to find out that it is dated back to prehistory period. It is a part of human-being nature which is in our DNA. When humans still lived as hunter-gatherers more than 2 millions years ago, activities of giving materials happened to show goodwill towards others. A man presented a woman with a small piece of unusual rock, tooth of animals or nature-based stuff so that he could attract a mate. The more special the gifts were, the easier for man to impress females.Together with the rise of civilization, presents started to become more complicated such as carved stones or handmade jewellery.

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Magento 2 Gift Card as presents

Throughout human-being history, some presents were so special that they became legends and people discussed them from time to time. The biggest gift ever should be awarded for The Statue of Liberty (305-foot-tall) on the 100th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence of the United state, given by France.

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One more admirable gift is the present of Taj Mahal from Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Romantic people around the world should be jealous of this couple. That ivory-white marble monument is the most beautiful and permanent evidence of their love.

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There is a most enigmatic gift, Babylon hanging garden which is included in seven wonders of ancient world. According to one legend, Nebuchadnezzar II built a paradise garden for Queen Amytis since she missed her hometown.

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How Gifts Affect Us

Nowadays, psychology of gifting is a favorite subject matter studied by psychologists, anthropologists and historians. They have found that though a present is considered as a free item, it helps to strengthen relationships by sharing emotions, feelings to receivers. Psychologists proved that givers are the one who gains more positive psychological changes rather than taker. Offering a person creates happiness for that person then it is certainly influences givers, generates the joy of giving. Moreover, greater connections in both sides between these people increase overall satisfaction and happiness. Besides, a research carried by Margaret Rucker, a consumer psychologist at the University of California, has reveals that men are more price-conscious and practical considering about gifts while women focus more about emotional aspects.

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Gift Cards

Currently, we have many occasions for gifts exchanging including Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Graduation day, etc. In this modern life with full of technology advances, gifts have changed from physical shape into new forms. The most progressive type of present is gift cards. Gift vouchers with two forms of both physical cards and digital forms can satisfy both givers and recipients because they provide recipients the right to choose whatever they want. Digital gift cards or e-gift cards are considered as the most convenient and speedy approach offering the same benefits of traditional gift vouchers. With inferior characteristics of new virtual gift certificates, it can not be denied that they have become more favorable worldwide. This card is presented to takers via convenient approaches such as phone numbers or email addresses without any national borders. Additionally, virtual cards are totally safe because card numbers are stored in management system.

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Gift Card Extensions

Along with the development in technology and e-commerce, the gift card industry has never made that great progress. According to a research, the rate of E-gifting growth is approximately 200% per year and it brings millions dollars annually. This is why Magento store owners are in a big race of equipping their shops high-quality Gift Card extensions, especially when holiday shopping season is near. Besides, Magento developers are in rush of releasing modules which help online stores take advantage of virtual gift certificates to boost sales and market their products. A good Magento Gift Card extension is from $149 to over $299 with other outstanding features. This module is really promising to bring great benefits to both merchants and developers. In conclusion, gifts from most simple forms have improved gradually. Whatever they are physical or virtual, they are always beautiful and meaningful in term of human affections.