Magento 2 Store Credit GraphQL Extension

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Magento 2 Store Credit GraphQL is now a part of Mageplaza Store Credit for Magento 2 that adds GraphQL features. This update supports PWA compatibility. The extension supports getting and pushing data on the website with GraphQL.

Mageplaza Store Credit for Magento 2 is a useful tool to increase customer retention and boost sales for online stores by utilizing store credit.

The store credit can come from a certain amount of compensation for the unpleasant events during the shopping journey. It can also be a reward that online stores give to customers for purchasing something. This store credit can be used by customers to buy products directly from the store or give it to their friends as gifts. That the store enables customers to have credit in their account and freely make use of them is a big incentive for customers to stay loyal to your store.

The store admin can control the credit balance by adding or subtracting the amount of credit. Credit can be added to the customers’ accounts as a gift for them, along with a note. For example, you can send credit to customers’ accounts on their birthdays as gifts with a congratulations message. This will strengthen the customer relationship and increase their loyalty.

Customers can buy products at a lower price by using their available store credit. The store admin can configure and limit the products that can be bought using store credit and allows customers to use the credit within a specific range. This can be used as a method to increase sales for a specific product.

Customers will know any change in their store credit balance via an automatic email notification. After spending on shopping, the credit balance will automatically update the current number of credits, and customers will be able to control their spending appropriately.

Store Credit extension will help you generate and manage customers’ credit in an optimized and transparent way. Customer retention will increase as a result.

1. How to install

Run the following command in Magento 2 root folder:

composer require mageplaza/module-store-credit-graphql
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Note: Magento 2 Store Credit GraphQL requires installing Mageplaza Store Credit in your Magento installation.

2. How to use

  • Mageplaza's Store Credit Extension supports getting customer information and transactions, retrieving product information and using credits through GraphQL.
  • Note: To perform GraphQL queries in Magento you need to use Magento 2.3.x and return the site to developer mode.
  • Refer to the GraphQl requests we support here.

3. Devdocs

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Magento 2 blog graphql pwa

4. Contribute to this module

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