Add Miscellaneous HTML and JavaScript codes to Magento2 checkout confirmation page

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Add Miscellaneous HTML and Scripts to Magento2 Checkout Success Page

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Magento2 - Edit Order Email

Add miscellaneous HTML and scripts quickly and easily to your Magento2 checkout success page. Ideal for testing new page styling of your order confirmation page, adding new static blocks or other customization to your checkout page.

Easily preview and make changes using our Preview Order Confirmation Page extension without having to placing a new order or modifying Magento's core source code.

Design beautiful order confirmation page with our new Enhanced Success Page extension.

success page miscellaneous html and scripts

Order Variables

  • Order ID
  • Total
  • Sub Total
  • Shipping Cost
  • Tax
  • Coupon Code
  • Discount


Installation using Composer (recommended)

composer require magepal/magento2-checkout-success-misc-script


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