This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the community-engineering/language-it_it package instead.

Italian (italiano) Magento2 Language Pack (it_IT) - From Magento2Translations

dev-master 2019-04-18 09:00 UTC


This is a Language Pack generated from the official Magento2 translations project at Crowdin. The Italian (italiano) translations used can be found here. This translation is usefull for people living in the Italy (Italia).

For our other language packs look at the Magento2Translations page.

Version & progress

This translation is generated from the branch Head at Crowdin and based on the Magento 2.3.1 sourcefiles. There have been 8019 strings translated of the 11254 strings in the Magento source.

Translation progress:Progress

Maintainance mode

These Magento2Translations packages are updated on a non-regular basis. We have a system in-place to do the updating automatically but running this is still a manual job and requires financial investment to automate. This means that from time to time we will run the sync and build from Crowdin. If you would like to assist please send us a message.

Magento has started the Magento Localization Community Engineering Project to facilitate translating Magento2. In the future we might decide to merge this project with Magento Localization. If they have a similar language pack to this one you can find it here.

Or have a look at all the other great community maintained packages at e-conomix/magento-translations and Mageplaza maintained packages.


Please select the git branch appropriate for your magento version from this repo.

Via composer

To install this translation package with composer you need access to the command line of your server and you need to have Composer.

cd <your magento path>
composer require magento2translations/language_it_it:dev-master
php bin/magento cache:clean


To install this language package manually you need access to your server file system.

  • Download the zip file here.
  • Upload the contents to <your magento path>/app/i18n/magento2translations/language_it_it.
  • The composer files should then be located like this <your magento path>/app/i18n/magento2translations/it_IT/it_IT.csv.
  • Go to your Magento admin panel and clear the caches.

#Usage To use this language pack login to your admin panel and goto Stores -> Configuration -> General > General -> Locale options and set the 'locale' option as 'Italian (Italy)'


To help push the 'Italian (italiano) Magento2 Language Pack (it_IT)' forward please goto this crowdin page and translate the lines.


The translations are done by the official Magento2 translations project.

Code generation is sponsored by Wijzijn.Guru.