Magento module used for routing all frontend requests through UPWARD-PHP.

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The Magento 2 UPWARD connector is a module for routing requests to UPWARD-PHP. This module replaces the default Magento frontend theme with a PWA Studio storefront application.

PWA Studio storefront deployments in the Magento Commerce Cloud use this module to keep Magento and storefront code on the same server.


The Magento 2 UPWARD connector module is part of the Magento Cloud deployment steps in the official PWA Studio docs.


The Magento 2 UPWARD connector is configured in the admin area under:

Stores > Configuration > General > Web > UPWARD PWA Configuration.

UPWARD Config File

This configuration is the location of the UPWARD configuration file for the UPWARD-PHP server.

Use the absolute path on the server for the value of this configuration.

Example: /app/node_modules/@magento/venia-concept/dist/upward.yml

Front Name Whitelist

This configuration allows you to specify a line-separated list of routes to forward to the default Magento theme.



With this example, when a visitor navigates to either <Magento store URL>/contact or <Magento store URL>/privacy-policy-cookie-restriction-mode, they will land on a page rendered by Magento instead of the storefront application.