A set of PHP_CodeSniffer rules and sniffs.

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ECG Magento Code Sniffer Coding Standard is a set of rules and sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer tool.

It allows automatically check your code against some of the common Magento and PHP coding issues, like:

  • raw SQL queries;
  • SQL queries inside a loop;
  • direct instantiation of Mage and Enterprise classes;
  • unnecessary collection loading;
  • excessive code complexity;
  • use of dangerous functions;
  • use of PHP Superglobals;

and many others.

Both Magento and Magento 2 are supported.


Before starting using our coding standard install PHP_CodeSniffer.

The recommended installation method for PHPCS is globally with Composer:

composer global require "squizlabs/php_codesniffer=*"

Make sure Composer's bin directory (defaulted to ~/.composer/vendor/bin/) is in your PATH.

Clone or download this repo somewhere on your computer or install it with Composer:

composer require magento-ecg/coding-standard

Note: PHP_CodeSniffer 3.x is now required to run our coding standard. To install PHP_CodeSniffer 2.x compatible version:

composer require magento-ecg/coding-standard:2.*

Note: Alternatively to installing PHP_CodeSniffer globally, you can include dependencies for both magento-ecg/coding-standard and squizlabs/php_codesniffer in your composer.json file. For example:

    "require": {
        "magento-ecg/coding-standard": ">=3.0",
        "squizlabs/php_codesniffer": "3.*"


Select a standard to run with CodeSniffer:

  • Ecg for Magento
  • EcgM2 for Magento 2

Run CodeSniffer:

$ phpcs --standard=./vendor/magento-ecg/coding-standard/Ecg /path/to/code
$ phpcs --standard=./vendor/magento-ecg/coding-standard/EcgM2 /path/to/code

As a one time thing, you can add the ECG standards directory to PHP_CodeSniffer's installed paths:

$ phpcs --config-set installed_paths /path/to/your/folder/vendor/magento-ecg/coding-standard

After that specifying the path to a standard is optional:

$ phpcs --standard=Ecg /path/to/code
$ phpcs --standard=EcgM2 /path/to/code

PHP CodeSniffer will automatically scan Magento PHP files. To check design templates, you must specify phtml in the --extensions argument: --extensions=php,phtml.


PHP 5.4 and up.

Checkout the php-5.3-compatible branch to get the PHP 5.3 version.


Please feel free to contribute new sniffs or any fixes or improvements for the existing ones.