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There are several ways to configure the SMTP module for your instance and your environment. You can use Magento's setup:config:set command and/or set the options within the setup:install command. However, in each case Magento will persist the configuration data in app/etc/env.php. You can edit this file manually and deploy or mount it to your target environment.

Command options

for setup:config:set and setup:install

 --smtp-host       External SMTP host for mail transport
 --smtp-auth       Authentification method for SMTP transport
 --smtp-ssl        Use ssl or tls to secure SMTP transport
 --smtp-port       SMTP port
 --smtp-username   SMTP usename
 --smtp-password   SMTP password

Use bin/magento setup:config:set --help or bin/magento setup:install --help for further information.

(optional) env.php

'smtp' => [
    'host' => 'mail.server.com',
    'auth' => 'login',
    'ssl' => '',
    'port' => '25',
    'username' => 'mail-user',
    'password' => 'P4ssW0rD',