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##OpenSSO Authenication for Laravel 4

This is a provider for adding a OpenSSO driver to your authentication system in Laravel 4.1


To install this package through composer, edit your project's composer.json file to require maen/opensso.

"require": {
	"laravel/framework": "4.1.*",
	"maen/opensso": "dev-master"
"minimum-stability" : "dev"

Next, update Composer from the terminal:

composer update

##Configuration You will need to add a opensso configuartion file to app/config/ called opensso.php and set out in the following way with the correct information for your OpenSSO installation

return array(
	"serverAddress" => "",
	"uri" 			=> "myuri",
	"cookiepath"	=> "/",
	"cookiedomain"	=> "",
	"cookiename"	=> "mycookiename",

Also make sure in auth/config/auth.php the driver is set to opensso.

Finally add the OpenSSO servicer provider into auth/config/app.php as follows


##Usage Now your Auth driver is using OpenSSO you will be able to use the Laravel Auth class to authenication users.


//Authenicating using the OpenSSO TokenID from a cookie
//Authenicating using user input
$input = Input::only('username', 'password');

//Retriving the OpenSSO attributes of a logged in user
$user = Auth::user();