A CMS Toolkit built on Laravel and React

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Maelstrom CMS Toolkit

This is the monorepo for Maelstrom, it contains both the npm package and the laravel package.

A CMS toolkit for intermediate to advanced development teams who love React and Laravel.

Maelstrom is a collection of Laravel and React components to help you flesh out your own control panels using as much of vanilla Laravel as possible.

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Why use Maelstrom?

Unlike other solutions such as Nova - Maelstrom doesn't impose any ways on doing things, we simply provide you various helpers to either use, or ignore - allowing you to implement things exactly as you need. Utilising the IoC container, waterfall includes, extendable UI components and a controversial god class, everything can be changed to suit your needs with ease.

The Stack

Maelstrom uses a cutting edge stack to afford you the ability to create the most advanced systems, unlike many other systems we don't use any Bootstrap themes, it's a pure utility class based interface using Tailwind and the UI library from Ant Design to allow you to create what ever you need.

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The repository for the documentation can been accessed at maelstrom-cms/documentation