Support get label of model's fields, from model::$labels property or Laravel's localization features

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Support get label of model's fields, from model::$labels property or Laravel's localization features


  1. Add this package to composer.json
composer require madnh/laravel-model-labels
  1. In model classes, use MaDnh\LaravelModelLabels\LabelsTrait
use MaDnh\LaravelModelLabels\LabelsTrait;

class Country extends Model
    use SoftDeletes, LabelFieldTrait;
   //Model contents...


  1. static::$label_path

Prefix of locale path, default is model_<model_name_in_snake_case>. Example:

public static $label_path = 'flag'; //Default is model_flag
  1. static::$labels

Model labels. Array of properties name (as keys) and labels (as value)


public static $labels = [
    'id' => 'ID',
    'full_name' => 'Họ và tên'
  1. static::$labels_trans_map

Label trans map, use when can't find label of a property in label cached, locale, static $labels.

If the property is not defined in this array, will use the auto convert function - which try to get the label in title case of lower cased property name: id => Id .

Special useful for acronym words like ID, VIP, CMND,..


public static $labels_trans_map = ['id' => 'ID']; //Auto convert label is Id 
  1. static::$label_cached

Cached labels. Priority is highest.


Label priority

Model cache > Laravel i18n > Model static::$labels

Define labels

Label can store in a static property of model, or in a locale file. Labels in locale files will override model's static property

  1. Define labels in model class

Define a static property named $labels, it is an array of labels, with key is fields name, value is label. Label maybe a string or callable value. If it's a callable value, then result of it will used as label, that callable has 1 argument, it is the field need to get label.

class Country extends Model
    use SoftDeletes, LabelFieldTrait;
    public static $labels = [
        'name' => 'Name of country',
        'flag' => function($field){
            return 'Flag ('.$field.')';
  1. Define labels in locale files

Add file to site's locale folder, named model_<model_name_in_snake_case>.php. This locale file return an array of string. Labels of model's fields store at a key named is field, it is an array of field name and label.

return [
    'field' => [
        'name' => 'Tên quốc gia'

Get labels

Use following methods to get labels

Method Example Description
modelLabel() Country::modelLabel() Get label of model class
labels() Country::labels() Get all of lables of fields
labels() Country::labels('name', 'flag', 'code', ['title']) Get label of fields
label() Country::label('name') Get label of a field


namespace App\Http\Requests;

use Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest;
use App\Models\Country;

class CreateCountryRequest extends FormRequest
    public function rules()
        return [
            'name' => 'required'
    public function attributes()
        return Country::labels('name');