PHP wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3

v1.2.6 2021-07-05 02:35 UTC

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A basic PHP wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3 ( Non-OAuth ). Designed to let devs easily fetch public data (Video, Channel, Playlists info) from Youtube. No 3rd party dependancy (except PHPUnit). The reason for returning the decoded JSON response directly, is that you only need to read the Google API doc to use this library, instead of learning my set of API again (Keep it simple).

Well.. actually some parameters are missing in this library, because I don't need them at this point. If you desire a particular feature, please file an issue here :)

Currently I will not consider adding OAuth endpoints. (those required "authorized request" will not be supported)


  • PHP >=5.3
  • CURL extension in PHP


Run the following command in your command line shell for your php project

$ composer require madcoda/php-youtube-api:^1.2


You may also edit composer.json manually then perform composer update

"require": {
    "madcoda/php-youtube-api": "^1.2"

Getting started

Please read the wiki on how to use this library with PHP with composer, Laravel 4 and Laravel 5.

For the functions implemented in this library, please visit API Reference

Example usage with pure PHP (with composer)

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$youtube = new Madcoda\Youtube\Youtube(array('key' => '* Your API key here *'));
$video = $youtube->getVideoInfo('rie-hPVJ7Sw');

Example usage with Laravel 4/5

$video = Youtube::getVideoInfo(Input::get('vid', 'dQw4w9WgXcQ');

Format of returned data

The returned json is decoded as PHP objects (not Array). Please read the "Reference" section of the official API doc.

YouTube Data API v3


For bugs, complaints, or suggestions, please file an Issue here or send email to :)


This repo madcoda/php-youtube-api is licensed under the MIT License.