Integration with Laravel Notifications and Mobyt/Skebby/SMSItalia SMS gateways

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This package integrates the Mobyt SMS Gateway service to the native Laravel Notifications system, so to be able to dispatch your notification with a simple $user->notify(new YourNotification()).

The library is compatible with other SMS services using the same API, including:


composer require madbob/laravel-notification-mobyt


In your config/services.php file, add the following block:

'mobyt' => [
        Identifier of one of the supported SMS services:
    'driver' => 'mobyt',

        Custom name to display as "sender"
    'from' => 'YourName',

        Username for your account
    'username' => env('MOBYT_USERNAME'),

        Password for your account
    'password' => env('MOBYT_PASSWORD'),


Add a toMobyt() function to the Notification you want to deliver via SMS, and add the MobytChannel class to the channels involved.

use MadBob\LaravelNotification\Mobyt\MobytChannel;
use MadBob\LaravelNotification\Mobyt\MobytMessage;
use Illuminate\Notifications\Notification;

class YourNotification extends Notification
    public function via($notifiable)
        return [MobytChannel::class];

    public function toMobyt($notifiable)
        return (new MobytMessage())->content("Your message here!");

In order to let your notification know which phone number are you sending to, the channel will look for the phone_number attribute of the Notifiable model. If you want to override this behaviour, add the routeNotificationForMobyt() method to your Notifiable model.

public function routeNotificationForMobyt()
    return '+1234567890';

The MobytMessage object has other options, including:

  • type() to specify the type of message, you can choose among MobytMessage::HI_QUALITY, MobytMessage::MID_QUALITY and MobytMessage::LOW_QUALITY
  • from() to dynamically change the custom name of sender
  • addRecipient() to add more recipients numbers to the message. Always remember to add the international prefix!


This code is free software, licensed under the The GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). See the file for more details.

Copyright (C) 2017 Roberto Guido