Integration with Laravel Notifications and Esendex/Mobyt/Skebby/SMSItalia SMS gateways

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This package integrates the Esendex SMS Gateway service (formerly known as Mobyt, from which the name of the package) to the native Laravel Notifications system, so to be able to dispatch your notification with a simple $user->notify(new YourNotification()).

The library is compatible with other SMS services using the same API, including:


composer require madbob/laravel-notification-mobyt


In your config/services.php file, add the following block:

'mobyt' => [
        Identifier of one of the supported SMS services:
        mobyt // Mobyt no longer exists, this is kept for historical reasons and acts as the "esendex" driver
        smsitaly // SMSItalia no longer exists, this is kept for historical reasons and acts as the "esendex" driver
    'driver' => 'esendex',

        Custom name to display as "sender"
    'from' => 'YourName',

        Username for your account
    'username' => env('MOBYT_USERNAME'),

        Password for your account
    'password' => env('MOBYT_PASSWORD'),


Add a toMobyt() function to the Notification you want to deliver via SMS, and add the MobytChannel class to the channels involved.

use MadBob\LaravelNotification\Mobyt\MobytChannel;
use MadBob\LaravelNotification\Mobyt\MobytMessage;
use Illuminate\Notifications\Notification;

class YourNotification extends Notification
    public function via($notifiable)
        return [MobytChannel::class];

    public function toMobyt($notifiable)
        return (new MobytMessage())->content("Your message here!");

In order to let your notification know which phone number are you sending to, the channel will look for the phone_number attribute of the Notifiable model. If you want to override this behaviour, add the routeNotificationForMobyt() method to your Notifiable model.

public function routeNotificationForMobyt()
    return '+1234567890';

The MobytMessage object has other options, including:

  • type() to specify the type of message, you can choose among MobytMessage::HI_QUALITY, MobytMessage::MID_QUALITY and MobytMessage::LOW_QUALITY
  • from() to dynamically change the custom name of sender
  • addRecipient() to add more recipients numbers to the message. Always remember to add the international prefix!


This code is free software, licensed under the The GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). See the file for more details.

Copyright (C) 2017 Roberto Guido