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You can install the package via composer:

composer require macropage/laravel-daparto

Publish config using php artisan vendor:publish --provider="macropage\laravel_daparto\DapartoServiveProvider"

Update your config config/daparto.php


return [
    'accounts' => [
        'CUSTOMER1' => [
            'orders' => [
                'ftp' => [
                    'driver'   => 'ftp',
                    'host'     => '',
                    'username' => 'xxxxxxx',
                    'password' => 'xxxxxxx',


CUSTOMER1 is just a placeholder, choose any name and as many you want.
Create a folder named "done" in your ftp-home.


A Cache-Provider that supports "tagging".


With the Facade Daparto you can call these methods:

  • Daparto::setCustomerConfig('CUSTOMER1')
  • Daparto::getXMLOrders (fetch orders via ftp or from cache)
  • Daparto::getSingleXMLOrder($orderId) $OrderFileName = 'ORDER_' . $orderId . '.xml';
  • Daparto::getXMLOrdersCached (same like getXMLOrders, but fetch data from cache)
  • Daparto::getDistinctShippingDescr (for debugging: unique list of shipping-description within all orders)
  • Daparto::getDistinctPaymentDescr (for debugging: unique list of payment-description within all orders)
  • Daparto::setDone($xmlFileName) (moves file to 'done')
  • Daparto::uploadShippingData($order_number, $carrier, $shipping_number) (uploading shipping infos to ftp)

NOTICE: using "getXMLOrders" without cache, flushes the whole cache for your CUSTOMER1
in case you want to flush the cache manually: Cache::tags('daparto.CUSTOMER1')->flush();

Usage: Artisan Commands

  • daparto:list-orders {account_name} {orderid?} {--cache}
  • daparto:set-done {account_name} {orderid}

"list-orders" prints all orders as php-array
"set-done" moves the xml-order-file into the folder named "done".

Usage: in your code

if ($this->argument('orderid')) {
    $singleOrder = Daparto::getSingleXMLOrder($this->argument('orderid'), $this->option('cache'));
} else {
    $OrderArrays = Daparto::getXMLOrders($this->option('cache'));


Help is appreciated :-)

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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